Interior Design

With the design variations all adding their fair bit to that homely type of warmth. Three main design styles are available to blend in with a very wide variety of lighting ideas and tastes, in the form of the Topline Range, Standard Range and the Basic Range.

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Topline Range Designs

The Topline Caminos Stoves range of designs radiates a feeling of luxury, with some eye-catching designs that are modelled around a cylindrical shape extending upwards from the floor.

The burning compartment does not only offer visibility through the transparent front panel, it also offers some hypnotically appealing visuals of the combustion, making for a focal point that will give the television a serious run for its money. Depending on the exact Topline model chosen, plenty of storage space is offered as well to complement all the functionality, with some units even offering compact storage space for easy access to firewood that is to be used in future.

Topline Caminos Stoves are mainly dominated by the charcoal-blacksilver-grey colour, with some add-on variations taking the form of soapstone sides, smokey blue and apricot variations and the likes of meranti and champagner.

Standard Range Designs

Caminos Stoves from the Standard Range of designs offer a bit more of a cross between traditional wood-burners and eccentric interior design appearances. This range offers a much wider variation of design styles, with ultra-thin units turning into more traditional box-type and rounded box-type units, as well as some of the more cylindrical ones.

Depending on the visual appeal you are after, some interesting overall appearances can be made up of very interesting fire-burning patterns, as can be seen through the soot-resistant front-panel glass, as well as accessory units for the storage of some decorative tea-sets and the like, but a fair measure of practicality is offered too, with storage compartments suitable for unused firewood.

Basic Range Designs

The basic range is geared more towards the truly traditional look and feel of wood-burner stove designs, where that classically retro look meets modern standards and progressive efficiency.

In this range of Caminos Stoves, the fully classicretro look is available, with the traditional box-type, European wood-burner design, as well as a cross between the classic and progressive style, with units like the RONDA offering more rounded edges and sides, while the front panel is distinctively flat and functional.

You can also go for the antique look in this range, with the FUN unit resembling something like a wood burner stove from the days of old, which was way ahead of its time considering the use of surface material such as chrome-plating and soapstone.

Although coming in several design variations within each range, Caminos Stoves all have a set of distinctive characteristics that give them their uniquely warm charm, one of which is the clear glass display front-panel, allowing crystal clear view of the often very interesting flame patterns that form to depict a visual appeal much like a digital screensaver.